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How To Customize

Jerseys can be customized with any player name or any custom name of your choice along with choice of the numbers. Please follow the steps carefully to ensure we process your order correctly.


1. Select "Enter Name Number" option when choosing to customize the jersey with names and numbers.


2. Select "Add To Cart" and after that, select "View Cart". You may add as many products as you'd like to your cart, and click the cart button later in the top right of the screen. 


3. Once you've reached the cart page, type in the preferred name and number in the "Add A Note To Your Order" box below your item. Here, you may write any name of choice or any player name as well. Be sure to specify which patches you'd like on your jersey as well. There is also an option to not include any patches as well, and for that we'd like for you to specifically write "no patches" otherwise they'll be sent with the standard patches.

4. If you have multiple jerseys in your cart at once and would like to customize each one, please be specific with which names go with which jerseys. It is extremely important that the customer enters the orders details correctly, as we tend to follow through with only what is ordered by the customer. If there are 2 different sizes for the same shirt, please specify which size with which customization.


For any inquiries, please contact us and we'd be happy to help at the earliest convenience. Thank you for shopping at Futbol Shop!